#10. Hip Hop 101: Jazz, Breaks, Samples, +In Studio Beats With Guest Air1c

Groovers & Shakers is back with mix number ten, Hip Hop 101: Jazz, Breaks, Samples +In Studio Beats With Guest Air1c. In our latest mix, Adam45’s opens up the show with a smooth blended set that consists of jazz and hip hop. Adam is known for bringing those clean mixes that take you on a musical journey as you hear one song into the next, episode ten is no exception, as he takes you from jazz chillers to some hip hop bangers. Followed by special guest producer Air1c. Originally from Detroit now residing in Long Beach, Air1c hooks us up with nice a set of breaks and samples he’s previously used. Plus for the first time, a Groovers & Shakers exclusive, Air1c hops on the MPC for some dope in studio production playing some of his beats from 14 Karats as well as some new projects. Be sure to tune in, you don’t want to miss Air1c on the MPC! All that plus more on Groovers & Shakers. Enjoy!

#7. Funky Soul Classics & Breaks Meet Hip Hop Sounds With Guest Julian

Groovers & Shakers is back with mix number seven, Funky Soul Classics and Breaks Meet Hip Hop Sounds. In this episode, Aldo starts off the show with a nice all 45s funky soul and breaks set to chillabrate Memorial Day weekend. Kick off your BBQ with some classic bangers and some funky breaks that will keep you grooving along this three day weekend. Followed by a Groovers & Shakers exclusive, a special hip hop guest set by Julian. Julian is a homie and part of our Groovers & Shakers extended family. In this episode, he laces us with side A of his concept mixtape and discusses the project further. We embrace concept mixes and that is why this an extra special show for us. And if you didn’t think it could get any better well you should tune in because we end it with a very special second surprise from Adam45s that you do not want to miss. Eclectic as usual the Groovers & Shakers way.