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Groovers & Shakers consists of two friends, Aldo and Adam, each with a very diverse taste in music and each sharing a dedication for deejaying and records. It all started way back, from their early years of listening to 80s hip hop music and breakdancing to playing in rock bands as teens and eventually getting into deejaying in high school. As the time passed, one thing was certain their admiration for music expanded.

Fast forward to around 2009, the deejay duo began making mixtapes and spinning occasional gigs together. Although, at the time they did not officially refer to themselves as Groovers & Shakers the foundation was already there. With each one having a distinct musical background listeners can expect an eclectic mix of music that is refreshing and satisfying to the ears. 

In addition to deejaying each of the members is using their side talents and skills to make Groovers & Shakers a much better show and experience for the listener. Adam handles the production and Aldo oversees design. Tune in and be part of the Groovers & Shakers family as we preserve vinyl culture through the diversity of music.





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#9. The Funk Express Extravaganza Bonanza: From Jazz Funk 2 Deep Funk!


Groovers & Shakers is back with mix number nine, The Funk Express Extravaganza Bonanza: From Jazz Funk to Deep Funk. In our latest podcast, Aldo opens up the show with a nice mix of jazz funk classics, expect to hear some breaks and Latin boogaloo heaters to warm up the mix. Followed by a sizzling all funky 45 set by Adam. It was only a matter of time for Adam45s to live up to his name and you better believe it, the man delivers audible gems. Expect to hear some rare funky joints on this one. All that plus more on Groovers & Shakers. Enjoy!

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Track List

1. Aldo

The Worm - Jimmy McGriff
Repeat After Me - Three Sounds
Dr, Gasca - Luis Gasca
Melody For Thelma - Blue Mitchell
Reggins - The Blackbyrds
Rockin Funky Watergate - Fred & The New JBs
Up Above The Rock - Ray Bryant
What Are You Doing... - Cal Tjader
Summertime - Orquestra Soul
Lime Water - Harold Johnson Sextet
Evil Ways - Willie Bobo
Kool Is Back - Funk Inc

2. Adam

Pickin Cotton - Johnny Talbot
Blow Your Mind - The Interpretations
Funky John - Johnny Cameron & The Camerons
My Thing Is Your Thing - Bobby Patterson
Bring It On Down To Me - Bobby Franklin’s Insanity
Pull My Coat - The Eddy Jacobs Exchange
Our Thing Is Through - Lee Shot Williams
Message From The Soul Sister - Vicki Anderson
You Got To Be A Man - Helene Smith
Funky Four Corners - Richard Marks
What You See Is What You Get - Little Joe Mixon
La La You - Hack Bartholomew
Super Sweet Girl Of Mine - 5 Miles Out
Run Jody Run - Charles Wright
What Goes Around Must Come Around - Sons Of Slum


Promo 4 Mix 6

Catch us in the studio

Check out some behind the scenes footage from our 6th episode, From Jazz Heaters to Some Funky Breaks Mix! We look forward to getting together every month and recording these mixes. We have so much fun in the studio, we want to give people an insight of our recording sessions. It's not so much about the tools but how you use those tools and craft your technique.

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