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Groovers & Shakers consists of two friends, Aldo and Adam, each with a very diverse taste in music and each sharing a dedication for deejaying and records. It all started way back, from their early years of listening to 80s hip hop music and breakdancing to playing in rock bands as teens and eventually getting into deejaying in high school. As the time passed, one thing was certain their admiration for music expanded.

Fast forward to around 2009, the deejay duo began making mixtapes and spinning occasional gigs together. Although, at the time they did not officially refer to themselves as Groovers & Shakers the foundation was already there. With each one having a distinct musical background listeners can expect an eclectic mix of music that is refreshing and satisfying to the ears. 

In addition to deejaying each of the members is using their side talents and skills to make Groovers & Shakers a much better show and experience for the listener. Adam handles the production and Aldo oversees design. Tune in and be part of the Groovers & Shakers family as we preserve vinyl culture through the diversity of music.





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#11. The Socially Conscious Mix - Songs With Powerful Messages


Groovers & Shakers is back with episode eleven The Socially Conscious Mix - Songs With Powerful Messages. In our latest mixtape, we focus on music that speaks on social issues ranging from harsh living conditions to unity and love and everything in between. Although, most of the music is from years back, the messages they speak of are relevant today and will always be relevant as long as people are struggling or rejoicing. With that said, Aldo opens up the show with a nice set of Latin funky jams with sprinkled bits of dialogue throughout to get your third eye opened. Followed by Adam’s all 45 set of socially fueled lyrical heaters. Adam45’s does not hold back on this one as he smoothly blends and transitions these powerful songs. Groovers & Shakers is a show for anyone and everyone and we would like our music to reflect that in our mixes. So come along and join us on this musical journey of consciousness, show eleven, The Socially Conscious Mix - Songs with Powerful Messages. Enjoy and much love. 

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Track List

1. La Jura - Chicano Batman
2. Bicentennial Blues (dialogue) - Gil Scott Heron
3. Do You Feel It? - Joe Cuba Sextet
4. Freddie’s Dead - Curtis Mayfield
5. Got To Have Brotherhood - Harvey Averne
6. Express Yourself - Charles Wright
7. You Can Have Watergate… - Fred Wesley & JB’s
8. Paz (dialogue) - Orquesta Flamboyan
9. Freedom Road - The Pharaohs
10. Small Folk Reservation - Toro
11. Together - Ray Barretto
12. Times Are Changing - Jimmy Sabater
13. Free - La Protesta
14. Jibaro (dialogue) - Harlem River Drive
15. Be Free - Orchestra Harlow

1. Talking About Freedom - Fontella Bass
2. Message From A Black Man - The Whatnauts
3. The Truth - Lee Austin
4. Now Is The Time - Sisters Love
5. Yes We Can Can - The Pointer Sisters
6. Storm - Billy Butler & Infinity
7. When I Die - Motherload
8. Reality - Black Merda
9. Mighty Mighty - Jesse Anderson 
10. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scott Heron
11. Find Yourself - Marvin Holmes
12. Concrete Reservation - Syl Johnson
13. What Time It Is Part II - General Crook
14. Right Now - We The People


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Check out some behind the scenes footage from our 6th episode, From Jazz Heaters to Some Funky Breaks Mix! We look forward to getting together every month and recording these mixes. We have so much fun in the studio, we want to give people an insight of our recording sessions. It's not so much about the tools but how you use those tools and craft your technique.

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