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Groovers & Shakers consists of two friends, Aldo and Adam, each with a very diverse taste in music and each sharing a dedication for deejaying and records. It all started way back, from their early years of listening to 80s hip hop music and breakdancing to playing in rock bands as teens and eventually getting into deejaying in high school. As the time passed, one thing was certain their admiration for music expanded.

Fast forward to around 2009, the deejay duo began making mixtapes and spinning occasional gigs together. Although, at the time they did not officially refer to themselves as Groovers & Shakers the foundation was already there. With each one having a distinct musical background listeners can expect an eclectic mix of music that is refreshing and satisfying to the ears. 

In addition to deejaying each of the members is using their side talents and skills to make Groovers & Shakers a much better show and experience for the listener. Adam handles the production and Aldo oversees design. Tune in and be part of the Groovers & Shakers family as we preserve vinyl culture through the diversity of music.





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#7. Funky Soul Classics & Breaks Meet Hip Hop Sounds!


Groovers & Shakers is back with mix number seven, Funky Soul Classics & Breaks Meet Hip Hop Sounds. In this episode, Aldo starts off the show with a nice all 45s funky soul and breaks set to chillabrate Memorial Day weekend. Kick off your BBQ with some classic bangers and some funky breaks that will keep you grooving along this three day weekend. Followed by a Groovers & Shakers exclusive, a special hip hop guest set by Julian. Julian is a homie and part of our Groovers & Shakers extended family. In this episode, he laces us with side A of his concept mixtape and discusses the project further. We embrace concept mixes and that is why this an extra special show for us. And if you didn’t think it could get any better well you should tune in because we end it with a very special second surprise from Adam45s that you do not want to miss. Eclectic as usual the Groovers & Shakers way.

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Track List

1. Aldo

Lee Williams - LC Funk
Clarence Reid - Till I Get My Share
Jean Knight - Mr. Big Stuff
Booker T - Soul Clap 69
Aged In Soul - Too Many Cooks
Laura Lee - Crumbs Off The Table
Maxine Brown - Oh No Not My Baby
Jimmy Ruffin - What Becomes Of...
Garnett Mimms - Stop & Check Yourself
Marvin Gaye - Chained
King Floyd - Groove Me
Rufus Thomas - The Breakdown
The Pharaohs - Love & Happiness
J Hines - Victory Strut
Village Callers - Hector
Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - Strollin' Adams

2. Julian

Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God
Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation
Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way
Q-Tip - Let's Ride
Gangstarr - The ? Remains
Gangstarr - Above The Clouds
Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt. 2
Visionaries - L.A. Fresh
The A Team - Doin' The Most For The Coast
Jurassic 5 - Quality Control
Jurassic 5 - Improvise
Slum Village - Fall In Love


Promo 4 Mix 3

Catch us in the studio

Check out some behind the scenes footage from our third episode. We look forward to getting together every month and recording these mixes. We have so much fun in the studio, we want to give people an insight of our recording sessions. It's not so much about the tools but how you use those tools and craft your technique.

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