#11. The Socially Conscious Mix: Songs With Powerful Messages

Groovers & Shakers is back with episode eleven The Socially Conscious Mix - Songs With Powerful Messages. In our latest mixtape, we focus on music that speaks on social issues ranging from harsh living conditions to unity and love and everything in between. Although, most of the music is from years back, the messages they speak of are relevant today and will always be relevant as long as people are struggling or rejoicing. With that said, Aldo opens up the show with a nice set of Latin funky jams with sprinkled bits of dialogue throughout to get your third eye opened. Followed by Adam’s all 45 set of socially fueled lyrical heaters. Adam45’s does not hold back on this one as he smoothly blends and transitions these powerful songs. Groovers & Shakers is a show for anyone and everyone and we would like our music to reflect that in our mixes. So come along and join us on this musical journey of consciousness, show eleven. Enjoy and much love.